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Within the Faculty of Philosophy in Priština, in 1961/1962, four new departments began to operate: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, followed by the department of Geography in 1971/1972. The department of Informatics, the most recent one, was founded in 2002/2003.

In 1971/1972, the departments for natural sciences became independent from the Faculty of Philosophy and were joined to form The Faculty of Sciences. The year the Faculty began operating, a total of 1661 students enrolled (1108 of these attended classes in Albanian language, while 553 students attended classes in Serbian). The Faculty of Sciences, temporarily settled in Kosovska Mitrovica, has been situated in the building of the School of Technical Sciences ,,Mihajlo Petrović Alas“, 29 Lola Ribar Street, since 2002/2003.

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