A Word from the Dean

On behalf of our students, our staff, the faculty, and more than ten thousand of our graduates, I bid you welcome to the website of the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics of Priština University, temporarily settled in Kosovska Mitrovica.

The decision to continue one’s education and academic growth is among the most important decisions young people must make. It is also one with an immense effect on their future, regardless of the faculty they choose. Considering that our faculty provides teaching in six fields of natural sciences and mathematics, studying here, at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics in Kosovska Mitrovica, would be the right decision for anyone wishing to delve into this domain.

Since it was founded as an independent institution in 1971/72, our faculty has had a significant role in the academic life of Kosovo and Metohija and has become one of the pillars of development in this area. We have put our efforts into designing exemplary study programs as well as taking part in the latest research in several fields, including geosciences, biology, chemistry, computer science, physics and mathematics.

Our faculty is internationally acclaimed and renowned for its research excellence. Our teaching staff provides high-quality teaching by keeping pace with the latest educational trends in modern areas in an international context.



Dejan Gurešić

The evident benefits to our students derived from these qualities are reflected in personalised supervision by teachers who excel in their fields and share with their students not only the necessary basic knowledge and skills, but also their research enthusiasm and awareness of the scientific challenges, present and future. I would also point out that one of our main goals is the establishment and development of international cooperation, which is to contribute to greater student mobility. A diploma from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, recognised in the country and abroad, allows you to continue your studies at prestigious universities worldwide.

Should you decide to join us here at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, you may rest assured that it would be the right institution for you to enter the world of natural sciences.

Thank you for visiting our website, and see you in the new school year.

Prof. Dejan Gurešić, PhD
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics
University of Priština
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