List of teaching staff of Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

Department of Biology
First and Last name Title E-mail
Tatjana R. Jakšić , PhD Full Professor
Predrag S. Vasić , PhD Full Professor
Slavica S. Ćirić , PhD Full Professor
Nenad Đ. Labus , PhD Associate Professor
Slaviša M. Milošević , PhD Associate Professor
Slavko S. Branković , PhD Associate Professor
Miloš R. Stanojević , PhD Assistant Professor
Vera D. Vukanić , PhD Assistant Professor
Nikola N. Đukić , PhD Teaching Assistant with PhD
Milica M. Popić Teaching Assistant
Maja V. Pavlović Teaching Assistant
Nenad D. Antić Teaching Assistant
Željko P. Bulatović Teaching Associate
Department of Geography
First and Last name Title E-mail
Danijela Ž. Vukoičić , PhD Full Professor
Milena M. Nikolić , PhD Full Professor
Jovo M. Medojević , PhD Associate Professor
Saša A. Milosavljević , PhD Associate Professor
Vladica D. Stevanović , PhD Associate Professor
Jovan M. Dragojlović , PhD Associate Professor
Nikola R. Bačević , PhD Associate Professor
Ivana T. Penjišević , PhD Associate Professor
Nikola M. Milentijević , PhD Assistant Professor
Dragan D. Radovanović , PhD Assistant Professor
Bojana M. Jandžiković , PhD Assistant Professor
Marko R. Ivanović Teaching Assistant
Dušan B. Ristić Teaching Assistant
Sanja D. Božović Teaching Assistant
Department of Informatics
First and Last name Title E-mail
Negovan M. Stamenković , PhD Full Professor
Stefan R. Panić , PhD Full Professor
Aleksandar V. Marković , PhD Associate Professor
Milan S. Savić , PhD Associate Professor
Nebojša M. Denić , PhD Associate Professor
Marko M. Smilić , PhD Assistant Professor
Danijel B. Đošić , PhD Assistant Professor
Časlav M. Stefanović , PhD Assistant Professor
Milan J. Dejanović Teaching Assistant
Milan Z. Dubljanin Teaching Assistant
Sanja D. Baščarević Teaching Associate
Milija Lj. Pavlović Teaching Associate
Department of Mathematics
First and Last name Title E-mail
Dragana J. Valjarević , PhD Full Professor
Jelena Z. Vujaković , PhD Full Professor
Marina Ž. Tošić Stojanović , PhD Associate Professor
Milena J. Petrović , PhD Associate Professor
Eugen Š. Ljajko , PhD Associate Professor
Nataša Z. Kontrec , PhD Associate Professor
Marija S. Najdanović , PhD Associate Professor
Tanja D. Jovanović-Spasojević , PhD Assistant Professor
Miroslav D. Maksimović Teaching Assistant
Milica R. Vučurović Teaching Assistant
Bojana S. Stojčetović Teaching Assistant
Kristina T. Tomović Teaching Associate
Mejrima Š. Ljajko Teaching Associate
Department of Physics
First and Last name Title E-mail
Branko V. Drljača , PhD Full Professor
Ljiljana R. Gulan , PhD Full Professor
Tijana S. Kevkić , PhD Full Professor
Dragana D. Todorović , PhD Associate Professor
Slavica J. Jovanović , PhD Associate Professor
Biljana S. Vučković , PhD Associate Professor
Miljana S. Milentijević Teaching Assistant
Dušica M. Spasić Teaching Assistant
Jelena Z. Arsenijević Teaching Assistant
Department of Chemistry
First and Last name Title E-mail
Branka B. Petković , PhD Full Professor
Suzana M. Samaržija-Jovanović , PhD Full Professor
Vojislav D. Jovanović , PhD Full Professor
Vidoslav S. Dekić , PhD Full Professor
Biljana R. Dekić , PhD Full Professor
Ružica J. Micić , PhD Full Professor
Novica R. Ristić , PhD Full Professor
Ranko M. Simonović , PhD Full Professor
Dejan M. Gurešić , PhD Full Professor
Bojana B. Laban , PhD Associate Professor
Dragana M. Sejmanović , PhD Associate Professor
Milenko N. Ristić , PhD Assistant Professor
Jovana S. Milojević Teaching Assistant
Marija S. Aksić Teaching Assistant
Foreign Language Teachers
First and Last name Title E-mail
Katarina N. Vasić Foreign Language Teacher
Faculty employed from other institutions
First and Last name Title E-mail
Slobodanka P. Pajević , PhD Full Professor
Emin R. Memović , PhD Full Professor
Miroljub A. Milinčić , PhD Full Professor
Zvezdan M. Arsić , PhD Full Professor
Nenad S. Drašković , PhD Full Professor
Tatjana M. Mihajilov-Krstev , PhD Full Professor
Vesna Lj. Minić , PhD Full Professor
Siniša S. Ilić , PhD Full Professor
Nenad M. Jovanović , PhD Full Professor
Aleksandar Đ. Valjarević , PhD Associate Professor
Igor R. Đurić , PhD Associate Professor
Dušan J. Ranđelović , PhD Associate Professor
Nenad Lj. Milojević , PhD Associate Professor
Srđan M. Milosavljević , PhD Associate Professor
Raisa J. Cvetković Foreign Language Teacher
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